Is Bodies Mind® for You?

I thought I’d share a little bit about my clients here at Bodies Mind®
They value being and feeling fit, and enjoy living life through the body. They like to move or they really want to learn how to move better. They are self-aware and self-responsible, and actively seek out information to assist them in staying happy and healthy. They understand how important it is to take care of their bodies. And while they are curious about movement education, most have never understood or felt the body-mind connection in quite the way it is taught at Bodies Mind.

My clients range in age from pre-teen to over 80. Over the course of my career, I have worked with soon-to-be-Moms, dancers, yoga enthusiasts, gardeners, hikers, cyclists, tennis players, golfers, runners, equestrians, singers, musicians, artists, and writers, to name a few. Some are physically challenged at work (sitting at a desk, physical labor, or other) or by their daily activities, some are challenged by physical ailments and limitations, and some are recovering from an injury. All soon find the true power of their will, once it is directed towards alignment with the body’s vast, natural wisdom.

Most importantly, they desire profound, interesting, and practical information that can be easily integrated into their already full and busy lives. I offer them a simple, yet profound practice towards body-mind physical conditioning, injury prevention and recovery, chronic pain relief, and performance excellence. Bodies Mind® clients come to know and understand that “pilates” is more than an exercise system and workout – it is a practice for body-mind balance, and both the novice mover and the elite athlete have much to gain through the practice.

Bodies Mind® Studio is their studio…and the education they receive helps them meet their goals, sooner than they think possible, and they have fun doing it!

And now, a bit about my students:
I also offer additional educational coursework for movement professionals who are ready to advance their careers, as well as for enthusiasts who seek information to deepen their personal practice. The Bodies Mind® Academy Curriculum offers a unique, groundbreaking perspective in pilates, somatic movement, embodiment, and communication. 2011 marked the reorganization of the Curriculum (which began when I opened my first studio in 1992), and 2017 will mark the start of our online courses. If you are a pilates or other movement practice professional committed to excellence, please join our mailing list to stay updated on our offerings.

Imagine: You & Bodies Mind®. Perfect together!
Stay Safe & Sound,

February 28, 2017

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