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How do I get started?

For your Introductory Session: Please contact Carole on her cell to make an appointment: 415.378.8330
During our time together you’ll learn about the Bodies Mind® approach to pilates and somatic movement practice. We will also discuss an individualized program to help you meet your health goals.

Once I’ve had my Introductory Session, how do I schedule sessions?

Contact Carole by phone, text, or email to schedule or change session appointments. Or, simply schedule your next session while at the studio.

What is the recommended attire?

Bodies Mind® is a perfume-free studio. Towels are provided.
Please wear comfortable, workout-type wear, with no zippers, or constricting bands, etc. For example, workout wear such as leotards or sweatpants and a close-fitting t-shirt. Socks are recommended.

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