Love and Respect

Just as I know that love and respect are the cornerstones of a fulfilling personal relationship, thanks to Carole, I know they are at the heart of a healthy relationship with my body. I know that loving and respecting the body means developing the connection between it, and the mind, and the spirit. It means filling it with good fuel, and moving it often, with purpose, and with grace. Just as I would never expect perfection in myself or my mate, I no longer find my body a source of dissatisfaction. It is what it is. I can make it better, more pain-free, more attractive. I can expect it to do things I love doing for decades to come: hiking in the hills, dancing, finding my ‘anchors and endpoints.’ I can grow old gracefully with it. Thank you, Carole, for teaching me these things.

Christina Carella Waldeck

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