Ten years ago I was crippled

Ten years ago I was crippled from an injury that had been diagnosed as Stage 3 spondylolisthesis, (slippage of the vertebrae resulting in constant impingement on the nerves).  After seeing five (5) different orthopedic surgeons and a neurosurgeon, all came to the same conclusion: Only a back fusion operation would help.

Having been a believer in alternative healing from the 1970’s, I knew there had to be a better way and was committed to exploring other options.  Thankfully, Carole Amend crossed my path and her pilates instruction changed my life dramatically!

Carole is not only knowledgeable but extremely intuitive when it comes to body and mind mechanics and how muscles and bones work together.  She literally brought me back from the depths of despair.  I had been in constant and unbearable pain for months, barely able to walk.

I’ve been religious about my daily plates practice and on occasion, if my pain starts to resurface, a session with Carole gets me back on track.  I’ve seen many ‘body workers’ over the last 40 years and there is no one that knows body movement better.  At 70, I’m able to enjoy hiking, biking, golf and a normal active life.
Thank you, Carole, you are absolutely amazing and I’ll be forever grateful.

David Scheufler

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