We are so fortunate to have Carole in our midst!

I’ve been seeing her regularly for 1.5 years, and am a bit in shock about the significant changes Carole has helped take place in my body; some of which are: release of lower back and neck pain, way more flexibility, actual, real stomach muscles, a much deeper awareness of my body and how it works…& much more!  In addition, we implement breath, relaxation, the mind-body connection, and (again) much, much more! This is not a “surface” pilates experience. This is the real deal with, by far, one of the most gifted bodyworkers I’ve ever worked with (which is not a short list!). What makes her so incredibly unique is not only her wealth of knowledge & experience but an intuitive sense that feels like x-ray vision of your bones. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Kelly Wainright

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