Bodies Mind® Academy

...advancing the movement practice professions

Radically different research is necessary in order to discover and apply the laws of nature assuring man of his birthright to ‘Mental and Physical Balance’. NOT Mind OR Body BUT Mind AND Body!
— Joseph H. Pilates, Your Health, 1934

Focused on teaching excellence for decades, we've been on a mission to contribute our part to the pilates professionalization process. We are now ready to share our theory on pilates and the framework for communication upon which it was built: AIM - The Amend Integrative Model. 

As Bodies Mind® Faculty, our goal is:
- to optimally serve as many people as possible through education about the work -and legacy- of Joseph H. Pilates
- to explore the scope of the Pilates Method as a self-care practice, and to support, preserve, and evolve its original philosophy for healthy living and happiness
- to define "pilates" from a technical vantage point, advancing academic curricula and research

If you seek to advance your professional pilates career, we invite you to inquire about our somatic movement approach to pilates.  If you are interested in our technical advances/discoveries in human movement analysis in relation to integrative & multidisciplinary practices, then our educational offerings are for YOU! 

We are excited to introduce you to our unprecedented curriculum, towards creating conscious collaboration and new research bridging schools of thought, as well as movement and embodiment disciplines. Contact us today!

Carole Amend, Bodies Mind® Academy Director
Somatic Movement Educator & Pilates Specialist