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Carole Amend  Somatic Movement Educator Pilates Specialist

Carole Amend
Somatic Movement Educator
Pilates Specialist


Hi, I’m Carole.

Thanks for visiting the Bodies Mind® website, your source for learning about physical and mental conditioning and self-care through movement practice. Your body is meant to feel strong, flexible, and coordinated, as you efficiently move with energy to spare. Your mind is meant to be clear, present, and hopeful. My clients and students thoroughly enjoy learning about how the human body is meant to move—by way of its natural mechanisms that support balanced and powerful movement. You, too, can learn ways to reset these spontaneous physical mechanisms through our offerings at Bodies Mind®.

Our signature practice, Bodies Mind® Somatic Correctives and Pilates by AIM, integrates awareness, movement, and exercise while building a foundation for healthy movement patterns. I’ll teach you to develop a fun, engaging, and expansive practice that produces lasting results! I invite you to join me at the studio and discover what it means to truly be in control, body and mind, in a way that lifts and frees your spirit! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Health & Happiness,

How I got here

Movement and Consciousness fascinate me. Growing up, my life revolved around dancing. I earned a BFA in Dance from the Juilliard School under the direction of Martha Hill, whom I credit with setting me on my career path—as a movement educator, following the work of Joseph H. Pilates. Along the way, many somatic movement luminaries have inspired me, and 37+ years later, I am still fascinated. Having owned and operated my studio in Marin county since 1992, has led me to develop my credo: “The best bodywork is your own balanced dynamic movement.” My studies and process, as a teacher and as a human being, continue to reveal profound discoveries in movement, relaxation, and communication. My pilates & somatic movement practice, Bodies Mind®, provided the context and environment to build a new model for movement analysis and pedagogy: The Amend Integrative Model (AIM). The center of my work and research is about pioneering new tools and techniques that promote safety, efficiency, and autonomy. Paradoxically, it has been a challenging labor of love to find out that a successful movement practice requires less time and effort than you might imagine.

About this website

I delight in sharing principles for practice that simplify and inspire with clients, professional students, and colleagues. My passion is to achieve excellence in teaching movement towards a balance of body and mind, optimizing our human movement potential. This new site now enables me to share a new, growing library of videos and blogs, as well as information about Bodies Mind Studio and Bodies Mind Academy offerings and events, both online and off.

Be sure to join my mailing list. All updates and news are delivered to your inbox along with exclusive info for subscribers. I am happy to be sharing my work beyond the studio to spread the word about AIM and the benefits and joy of movement practice. I also look forward to inviting researchers and other professionals across disciplines to connect and collaborate.