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Bodies Mind® Academy Online Curriculum

MAY 5, 2018 9:30am - 2:30pm PST


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• Introduction to Bodies Mind® Pilates by AIM Curriculum
• From Anchor to Endpoint
• Timing and Rhythm
• Tension and Relaxation
• Theory and Practice Review

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Prepare for the online workshop

To participate you will need:

• To be 18 years of age or older
• Allow us to audio and video record the session

Here's what you'll need to be able to join the online workshop:

• Computer, laptop, or tablet with working microphone and speaker
• A broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable, T1 will work)
• Mac OS X, Windows, or Chrome
• A web browser to join Hangouts (Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari, or Firefox). On Internet Explorer and Safari, download and install the latest version of the Hangouts plugin. Currently, Firefox compatibility is experimental and may change without notice.
• An active gmail account you can log into to join a Google Hangout

To join the workshop:

• Prior to the workshop, you'll receive a link via email to join the Google Hangout.
• Click on the link to join the workshop.
• Hangouts can be used in:, gmail, Inbox by Gmail, Hangouts Chrome extension. Once you choose an app, learn how to sign into Hangouts.




• In the mail, you'll receive the Bodies Mind® Workbook 1.
• 6 hours of online training

For full booking terms and conditions please click here.


Cancellations only until 14 days prior.

Bodies Mind Online Workshop May 5, 2018
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