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Bodies Mind® Academy


Radically different research is necessary in order to discover and apply the laws of nature assuring man of his birthright to ‘Mental and Physical Balance’. NOT Mind OR Body BUT Mind AND Body!
— Joseph H. Pilates, Your Health, 1934


We’re on a mission…

The mission began when it became clear how and why the work of Joseph H. Pilates sits at the center of all modern embodiment practices. At Bodies Mind®, pilates practice is primary physical support for all faculties - body, mind, and spirit! This body-mind awareness both grounds and expands our physical potential and possibilities. Because of this, pilates teachers are in a unique position to both serve a diverse public and herald and support the emergence of an integrated network of body-oriented professionals and other individuals committed to the somatic integration paradigm.

The spirit of Contrology - the name Joe Pilates gave to his work - is alive and well, in the hearts, bodies, minds, and studios of many committed pilates teachers and enthusiasts. And as the evolution of the method has gone wide, it has also gone deep. The Bodies Mind® Somatic Movement Approach to pilates presents a groundbreaking phenomenological analysis of Contrology, which reveals a definition and common language that distinguishes pilates from other disciplines. This distinction not only helps to advance the scope of pilates practice; pilates professionals who embody this common language also have the opportunity to cooperate with and inform fellow professionals committed to the multidisciplinary, somatic integration landscape. We’ve been riding the dynamic wave of transformation for decades and we’re excited about the new shores of collaborative integration that we continue to discover and explore.

If you seek to articulate your teaching approach to pilates towards serving a wider, more diverse public, you’re in the right place. And, if you are a multidisciplinary movement professional, you will also benefit from learning the BMA perspective. Our interactive Online and hands-on Onsite Courses will keep you inspired, confident, and successful. We’ve created The Pilates Thinker Blog to keep your mind moving! Scroll down to join The AIM Conversation and find out everything you want to know about our History, Curriculum, Events, and more. Stay tuned…so much more to come!

Stay Safe, Sound, and Spontaneous!




We are proud and happy to present the Bodies Mind® Pilates by AIM Online Curriculum.
Finally…a common language for the pilates profession.


Thank you to the members of our Beta test, Premier Group, and Group 2.

Join our growing, international community of Pilates by AIM teachers…the journey continue….

Pilates by AIM
Level 1 Online

Meeting times: Sundays 9-11am PST
50-hr Curriculum over 16 weeks
Our unique format repeats in cycles (no extra charge!) and includes membership in the ongoing BMA Forum to deepen the process.

Be sure to visit The Pilates Thinker Blog to learn more about our approach and all of our educational offerings. We’ll be posting links to Podcasts, Videos, and Zoom meetings explaining the Curriculum and our chosen route to professionalization.

New Group begins 9/22/2019!


Continuing Education

Focused on teaching excellence, our contribution to pilates professionalization is through Continuing Education. Our Somatic Movement Approach advances the pilates profession beyond current classical and contemporary perspectives that have borrowed concepts from the fields of fitness and physical therapy. It’s time for a common language, specific to the pilates profession. We are now ready to share our pioneering theory on pilates, as well as the framework for communication upon which it was built: AIM - The Amend Integrative Model.

At Bodies Mind®, our conversations:
- support, preserve, and evolve the work of Joseph H. Pilates and its original philosophy for healthy living, happiness, and personal transformation.
- define "pilates" in its most inclusive and fullest scope from a technical vantage point, advancing academic awareness and research through the Pilates by AIM Curriculum.  
- herald the Bodies Mind® Pre-pilates and Somatic Movement Correctives as accessible and effective self-care principles and protocols, which serve to deepen pilates practice
- support and inspire a community of empathetic teachers and lifelong learners committed to all of the above, through affordable Interactive Online and hands-on Onsite education.

We are excited to introduce you to our unprecedented curriculum. Decades of dedicated practice and study have led to discoveries about human movement and consciousness that further articulate the principles of Contrology. Join us as we create conscious collaboration and new research bridging schools of thought, as well as movement and embodiment disciplines.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Carole Amend, Director
Somatic Movement Educator & Pilates Specialist


The Pilates Thinker


We’ll be blogging, sharing info, and starting conversations for networking, study groups, and research projects as we distinguish pilates from other disciplines to advance the pilates profession within the evolving somatic integration paradigm.


Join The AIM Conversation

We are happy to invite pilates professionals from all lineages and programs, as well as professionals from cooperative disciplines to participate.