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Intro Session


This is the Bodies Mind® signature orientation to defining, developing, and deepening your personal movement practice. More of a conversation than an assessment, in this Introductory Session, you’ll introduce yourself, your movement history, and your interests, and learn about the services offered at Bodies Mind®. You will experience the mat and/or the apparatus to support and enhance your unique movement and exercise practice and you’ll begin to understand and feel what distinguishes pilates from other disciplines.
You will discuss the options for sessions/classes that will meet your needs, goals, and desires.

Whatever path you choose for your body-mind practice, at our studio or elsewhere, this session will definitely shift your perspective on what pilates and somatic movement practice is all about, how it interfaces with fitness, bodywork, and physical therapy practices, and what it can do for your health and happiness.

Intro options:

Intro Session: $25 fee

For a more comprehensive Introductory experience:
Intro Session plus Three (3) Private Sessions: $250 (3 week expiration)

Mat Classes

Pilates by AIM Mat Classes include our signature Bodies Mind® Pre-Pilates Practice as well as Bodies Mind® Somatic Correctives to progress your Pilates Mat practice.

This is the ultimate practice for building a sound mind in a sound body, towards the goal of increased spontaneous zest and pleasure in all your daily activities. This class is intended for novice and experienced movers alike (bar any acute ailments). An Intro session is recommended prior to participation.

Pilates exercises are designed to build your body uniformly no matter what your present condition. You will move at your own pace and experience level, and be encouraged to advance your physical and mental skill sets. You will learn the essential repertoire for building your practice and be challenged towards the dynamic excellence appropriate for your body, in a supportive and motivating environment. The best part is that these are exercises that you can do on your own at home!

*Maximum 5 participants

January 2019: NEW to the schedule!

Mat Classes currently offered Mondays & Wednesdays at 6pm.

Mat options:

$30 per Class
$260 - 10 Class Package
(two month expiration)
$200 - 8 Class Package (one month expiration)
$250 - Combo Package: 8 Classes plus 1 Private at reduced $50 fee (one month expiration):
Private session is Mat and/or Apparatus

Apparatus Sessions

Pilates by AIM Apparatus Sessions are by appointment only. Each practice includes the use of the original Pilates apparatus: Universal Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Spine Corrector, Ladder Barrel, Baby Arm Chair, Pedi-Pole, Magic Circle, Foot Corrector, Mat, and more.

Private, Practice, and Open Sessions by appointment.


$90 per session | $820 for 10 sessions (10 week expiration) 
One-on-one pilates and general movement sessions focusing on body-mind balance and uniform physical development and correction, as well as training for excellence in performance. Privates are appropriate for addressing high-performance goals as well as therapeutic issues. You’ll experience top quality pilates & somatic movement education to develop body-mind awareness and progress to your fullest physical potential.


Maximum 1-3 participants practicing/progressing their individualized programs
$50 per session | $460 for 10 sessions (6 week expiration)
Up to three clients per hour. Entrance into Practice is decided on an individual basis. Move at your own pace and program. Practice sessions are a continuation of the individualized attention of private sessions, with the benefits of the teacher’s eye and guidance and the wonderful opportunity to observe fellow clients at different stages of practice. Your individualized programs are regularly updated and progressed.

Routes to Practice-level are:

  1. Private Sessions: Generally, between 10-30 Privates are suggested for newcomers to the method

  2. Prior Experience

  3. Intro to Practice Intensive: a three-hour workshop to introduce you to the basic repertoire (by demand—for those who qualify)

Open Studio:

Available for self-directed sessions for those who qualify: $240 per month Up to 12 sessions plus at least one private session each month
At Bodies Mind®, you are encouraged to self-motivate towards mastery, and always supervised for safety. A committed Practice-level proficiency leads to independent, Open Studio practice. These are self-directed sessions for seasoned, committed clients who qualify. Enjoy full use of the studio during hours of operation, space permitting.